Saturday, October 3, 2015

Dinner from Sawadee in Jersey City, NJ

Debbie and I ordered dinner from Sawadee and again, the food was super quick, delicious, and inexpensive.  We were both hungry so managed to eat most of it but still had a little bit of leftovers that I ate another night.  We tried a few new things and I'm glad to know that their fried wings travel well. Definitely good for when you're feeling the need for something greasy :)
Lots of delicious food

Fried pork dumpings and roti.  The dumplings are awesome! Not greasy but so tasty

Roti with dipping sauce.  This was okay.  Not necessarily something I would order again unless maybe I got curry

Crispy salt and pepper wings.  A little heat but nothing unmanageable.  Super well fried and delicious

Pad See Eow with shrimp.  Always reliable 

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