Saturday, October 3, 2015

Lunch at John's Pizzeria in Jersey City, NJ

Dan and I took puppy for lunch at John's Pizzeria, which started out in NYC and has various locations in NYC.  Fortunately there is also one within walking distance of our apt.  Great food but took quite awhile for it to arrive.  I guess it was busy and/or I was very hungry, but while the food was good, I think my overall experience was so ehhh because of the service that I'd rather get pizza at other places (i.e. Razza or Porta or Roman Nose).  Maybe we'll go back at a last crowded time.
Fried Ravioli - super large and dense. Delicious but very filling. Great sauce

"Small" Bacon and Vodka sauce pizza.  Tasty and legit thick pieces of bacon on it. Was very filling though and hard to get through after the ravioli

"Personal" shrimp fra diavolo pizza on homemade arrabiata sauce.  Tasty but the shrimp pizza Porta was still fresh in my mind so it was an unfair comparison 

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