Sunday, October 4, 2015

Brunch at Roman Nose in Jersey City, NJ

Dan and I finally made it to Roman Nose for a delicious brunch with Walker.  There were a lot of things on the menu I wanted but decided on the lemon ricota olive oil pancakes becuase I had read such great things about them, and they did not disappoint.  They were huge but thin, fluffy, and crispy all at the same time.  I also lived the hint of lemon and the butter that it came with.  The cocktails were delicious too.  I really didn't need to get the side of sausage but it was great with the pancakes.
Blood Orange Spritz - super refreshing

Frittata di casa - pancetta, potato, onion, tomato, parmigiano and parsley.  Dan really enjoyed this

My lemon ricotta olive oil pancakes with citrus mascarpone.  Possibly best pancakes I've had?

Side of salsiccia - pan fried fennel pork sausage.  Great herby flavor that went well with my pancakes.  A lot leftover though

Crispelle - Italian doughnut fritters.  Tasty but I had so much sweetness from my pancakes that I only had one

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