Friday, May 26, 2017

Dinner at Root & Bone in NYC

My cousins and I went to Root & Bone, a southern restaurant run by one of the Top Chef chefs.  The food was delicious - possibly the best fried chicken I've had in NYC.  The place was so cute and the drinks were delicious as well.  Definitely would recommend this place.

Spread of delicious Southern foods
Half crispy fried chicken - free range, organic chicken, sweet tea brined, lemon dusted, with spiked tabasco honey.  So tasty.  Great crispy skin but not greasy at all

Buckwheat waffles with cheddar - excellent with the chicken

Their mac and cheese was incredible.  So cheesy and perfectly cooked pasta. Loved the biscuit thyme crust on top

Farmer's Pot Pie - spring peas, zucchini, vidalia onions, roasted carrots & biscuit crust.  Didn't realize when Renee ordered it that there was no meat because it was so flavorful
A delicious chocolate pudding

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