Friday, May 26, 2017

Dinner at Le Coucou in NYC

Dan and I finally made it to Le Coucou for dinner so we could try their quenelle, a delicious Lyonnaise dish that's sort of like a fish casserole but so much better.  All the food we got was delicious and the environment was fancy with excellent service without being too uppity.  It really reminded us of being back in Lyon, which has become one of our favorite cities.  If you're feeling French, I would definitely advise coming here.

Complimentary bread with delicious butter and a garlic fat spread.  Sounds gross but was so decadent and delicious

St. Jacques printaniere - raw diver scallop, jus de rhubarbe, horseradish, buckwheat.  So light and fresh
Quenelle de brochet, sauce americain - pike quenelle with lobster sauce.  Incredible.  As good as quenelle we had in Lyon

This was some kind of veal I think deep fried?  But it may have been a less desirable part, either sweetbreads or tongue, I can't remember.  I do remember being blown away eating this and thinking this was my fav thing we ate
Filet de boeuf, jus a la moelle, queue dans la boulangere - prime filet, bone marrow jus, oxtail potatoes.  So delicious and a big portion.  The oxtail potatoes were even better and were on a whole separate pan.  Lots of food so good thing we shared

Delicious thinly sliced potatoes with oxtail meat in hte middle.  Decadent and would be an incredible dish on its own but this was the SIDE for the beef!

A special rice pudding dessert with pistachios and other things.  Delicious but not too sweet.  A great ending
Complimentary free dessert.  Again, just like Lyon.  Perfect

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