Friday, May 26, 2017

Midnight Market in Jersey City, NJ

We went to a Midnight Market at JC Harborside.  Lots of different vendors with all kinds of food, every plate under $5.  We bought special tickets to be admitted early so less lines and people.  There was a great mix and we got full pretty quickly.  It did get crowded so finding seating was mildly challenging.  Glad we went but would probably pale in comparison to Smorgasburg or Madison Square Eats.

Delicious spam katsu style from Eemas
So pretty plus look at that yolk

Incredible chicken sisig cups from Sisig City  The best thing we ate and comes from a food truck
Pork sandwich from Runa.  Pretty delicious
Unfortunately we did not love the ceviche from Runa.  Lots of seafood but way too much citrus.  Not enough balance
Maple bacon donuts. Soooo good.  Perfect mix of sweet and salty
Delicious freshly glazed donuts from Glazed and Confused

Salted caramel pretzel also awesome, but I always prefer meat haha

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