Friday, May 26, 2017

Lunch from Yorganic in NYC

Went to good old Yorganic for a bliss bowl.  This time I decided to try the beef bibimbap.  Tasted as good as any other bibimbap I've had, and they had great gochujang sauce.  I really love all their bliss bowls.  It feels great to eat a healthy and filling lunch, and the portions are so huge that it's two meals.

I'm actually combining two meals in one.  The second bowl is one of their signature combos  - the rice noodle bowl, which is definitely one of my favorites now.
Build your own bliss bowl with bibimbap and lots of veggies including zucchini, string beans, and chickpeas on white rice
Rice Noodle Bowl - Rice Noodle, Roasted Chicken, Zucchini, Shredded Eggs, Mung Bean Sprouts, Broccoli, Peanuts  with toasted sesame soy sauce

All mixed up.  So delicious and healthy.  My fav sauce of theirs I think.  Even better than their peanut 

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