Saturday, March 18, 2017

Dinner from Gogi Grill in Hoboken, NJ

We ordered Korean fast casual from Gogi Grill, which reminds me of a Chipotle but Korean food.  The food was delicious, healthy, and large portions.  Enough for two meals.  The ETA for arrival was a bit longer than originally stated but it was worth it in my opinion.
My Build Your Own Bowl - Korean Fried Rice (soy sauce, sesame oil, and butter), beef bulgogi, sprouts, garlic butter corn, cucumber kimchi, zucchini, seaweed stripss, and side of red (extra spicy korean red pepper sauce)

My bowl all mixed up

Dan got a Build Your Own Burrito - korean fried rice, beef bulgogi, garlic butter corn, spicy slaw, romaine lettuce, regular kimchi, and green sauce (cilantro, lime, and medium spicy chili)

We got one build your own taco to try the spicy bacon - spicy korean bacon, watercress, spicy slaw, white radish, cucumber kimchi and side of red sauce.  Bacon was delicious and thick, though not too spicy.  There was a LOT going on such a small taco though haha

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