Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dinner at Mile End Deli in NYC

We finally made it to Mile End for Poutine Week and on Valentines Day no less!  Not your traditional couple haha.  Everything was delicious but so so filling.  We only get about halfway through, which wasn't bad.  We didn't  bother ordering anything else because we didn't think we'd need it, and we were very correct.
Aerial shot of the MeatLovers Poutine and Duck Confit Poutine

Duck Confit Poutine - duck confit, cheese curds, gravy and fries.  So delicious.  Duck was super tasty and a great topping

Meat Lovers Poutine - brisket, smoked meat, corned beef, hot dogs, salami, bacon, cheese curds, gravy, fries.  RIDIC.  It was a bit dark in the restaurant (romantic i suppose) so it was hard to actually see the different meats we were eating.  Kind of like meaty roulette haha.  Salty, tasty goodness though.  Eating them the next day was actually not as gross as one might see, but I realized we had eaten most of the more interesting meats like brisket and corned beef and smoked meat.  Mostly bacon and hot dogs left.

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