Thursday, March 2, 2017

Brunch at Cookshop in NYC

We went to Cookshop on Tenth Avenue for book club brunch.  Despite having a reservation, we had to wait a bit to be seated.  Once inside, service was very fast though and despite being a pretty large place packed with people, the food came quickly.  The menu was creative yet overall healthy, which was nice because I felt like I had been eating kind of grossly as of late.  I got a salad which was super hearty - I think more chicken than I could eat!  Had bits of other's food and everything tasted great.  A bit out of the way but a great spot for a group brunch.
Fried Egg Sandwich - two fried eggs, house-made Italian sausage, aged cheddar, brioche bun, potato hash and jalapeno cilantro slaw.  Two ladies got this and it was oozing egg.   A bit messy but looked great especially post hangover

Cookshop Breakfast Bowl - kale, spinach, farro wheatberries, sesame seeds, hazelnuts, feta cheese, walnut oil, nigella seed, falafel. Usually also comes with a sunnyside up egg but Nicole hates egg.  Tasted great with a bit of a kick.  Not sure what that was from.  Seemed super healthy and hearty though

Pumpkin Pancakes - Debbie got this.  I tried it and had nice fluffiness.  I'm just not into pumpkin so not something I would've ordered

French Toast - brioche, blood orange, mint, almond and creme anglaise.  Tracy got this and seemed like she enjoyed it.  I was pretty full so didn't try it

I ordered the Cascun Farm Chicken Breast Salad - kale, romaine, apples, pecans, cranberries, roasted sweet potato and sherry-orange vinaigrette.  Soooo filling.  There was a lot of chicken  Like at least 8 oz but probably more.  This was very well dressed, maybe slightly more than needed but great flavor.  The fruit and veggie mix was wonderful.  Behind was my drink - some kind of delicious tequila blood orange drink that was quite strong

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