Thursday, March 2, 2017

Brunch at Le Coucou in NYC

Dan and I went to Le Coucou in NYC, a new French restaurant that is getting a lottt of buzz.  We originally wanted to go because they have a Lyonnaise dish - quenelles. A kind of creamy, rich fish casserole.  That doesn't sound too appealing but trust me, it is divine.  Unfortunately they no longer have it for brunch even though their menu online lists it :(  I was totally joking with Dan before that they had run out; I felt so bad when we sat down and I saw it wasn't there.  I figured out how to swing a normal dinner reservation though, so we will be back.  The service was wonderful; Michelin quality.  Our waiter suggested some dishes after we told him things we were sure of, and everything was paired wonderfully.  We actually weren't too full because the portion size was right, but satisfied.  Can't wait to come back for dinner!
Kouign amann - very different shape than what we were used to, but excellent.  Very crispy and nice caramelization.  A tad sweet for me but Dan really liked it

Celeri remoulade - celery root, apple, smoked salmon, walnuts.  This was recommended by the waiter.  I wouldn't have been drawn to it on my own, but it was my favorite dish!  So light and everything was paired perfectly

Loved the apples freshness with the salty/smoky salmon and crunch of the walnuts

Another shot

Lobster Crepe with egg.  Actual buckwheat crepe. So good but rich

Coeur de 'l'entrecote "dix par dix" aux fois gras - thinly sliced ribeye seared on the plancha, relaxed fois gras
Shot before the foie gras melted.  Was like butter.  So rich but delicious.  I wish it had come with more veggies or something non-meaty

Baba Al Rhum - rum cake stuffed with creme fraiche.  THIS WAS SO GOOD.  Better than the baba al rhum from Paul Bocuse because the rum cooked off so there was the hint of flavor but otherwise just sweet sweet goodness.  I was kind of full but I got it together even to eat my share.  After the salmon dish this was my fav

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