Saturday, March 18, 2017

Dinner at Cellar 335 in Jersey City, NJ

Dan and I went to Cellar 335. It's an Asian Tiki Bar in downtown JC.  An interesting and definitely unique idea in JC.  Later at night apparently they have a DJ and dancing, which again is not a common thing in JC.  We walked there, which was a bit lengthy (a mile each way).  Place seemed very trendy and like a lot of places in the city.  The drinks were tasty and in fun copper mugs.  Unfortunately the food was just ehh, pretty not memorable.  Too bad because I liked the concept but wasn't at all impressed by the food.
Maui's Gift - absolute elyx, avua prata cachaca and young thai coconut water, and lime.  Dan got it and was so cutely presented.  It had a great flavor.  I had a Smoldering Bastard which I forgot to take a pic of but was also nice, rye-based.

Beef Cheek Bao - my fav thing of everything we ate.  Great flavor and nice bounch on the bao bun

Crispy Duroc Rib - sesame, coconut and tamarind bbq.  On yelp everyone raved about this, but we both found it too sweet.  The sauce was so familiar.  Can't place it but have definitely had this sweet thick bbq flavor before

Hamachi Tartare - crispy rice cake, cucumber and ponzu.  Wanted to love this but was a little too acidic and also just ehh

Sacri-Fries - neuske's bacon, scallion and cheese sauce.  Again wanted to love this but it was too rich

Prime Skirt Steak - miso, cauliflower and chimichurri.  This was tasty.  Great flavor and tender steak, but still not super memorable as someone who eats a ton of steak of all different cuts.  It was a little sweet for me as well

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