Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dinner from Razza Pizza in Jersey City, NJ

I was very excited to see that Uber Eats has come to JC, although mildly morally conflicted because of the CEO's drama. Nonetheless ,was happy because Razza was finally accessible via delivery.  Razza is not on grubhub or or anything like that.  I also got some discount for it being my first order, so it was cheaper than had we gone in person.  Everything was delicious and came insanely fast - less than 30 minutes!  Of course not quite the experience as when you go in person, but still delicious.
Pepperoni pizza - first time we've had that from there as usually order more creative pizzas.  Excellent as usual.  Slight spice to the pepperoni

Of course we had to get meatballs

And Dan had to get his kale caesar.  It wasn't dressed in advance but I think the little tub is less than what they normally put on it, because some leaves felt more naked

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