Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dinner at Greene Hook in Jersey City, NJ

Dan and I went to Greene Hook for dinner and had another amazing meal.  We hadn't realized it was Restaurant Week but couldn't turn down the great deal - $35 for three courses where majority of the dishes were from their regular menu.  Everything was super well-prepared and so tasty and filling.  We were already kind of getting full from appetizers but soldiered on.  Their menu is seasonal but there is always stuff on the current menu that I want to try.  We both agreed this is one of the best restaurants in JC, but most people don't seem to know about it because it's not quite as central and in a more quiet part.  More for us!
Baked Brie - fruit puree, port reduction and crostini.  Soo rich and delicious.  The piece of brie was huge - I think like a normal size piece we'd buy for a get-together.  Perfectly matched with the fruit/port reduction.  Wonderful spread all together on the crostini.  This was very filling though

Pork shoulder with caramelized apples and apple cider brandy sauce.  Another amazing pairing.  Pork was very tender and was perfect with the apples and sauce

Short Rib with celeriac, green beans, watermelon radish and demi glace.  I've had Short Rib from here before and it was just as delicious, though with different accompniments.  Short rib just fell apart with my fork, didn't even need a knife

Cassoulet - pork shoulder, pork belly, duck confit, garlic sausage, toulouse sausage, and white bean.  Insane meat and bean mix. Not quite a stew because it was baked but soo good. Very rich though.  Beans tasted meaty too

Another shot of the short rib

Bread pudding with maple syrup ice cream.  Perfect.  Very large as well

Creme Brulee with fresh berries.  Excellent texture , soft and creamy inside but nice caramelized tops and great with the berries.  Lighter than the bread pudding which was good because we were so happily full.  I still cannot believe all of our food was only $35 per person.  I feel like they got the raw end of this deal

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