Monday, February 20, 2017

Lunch from Prato Bakery in Jersey City, NJ

We felt like eating sandwiches so ordered from the Italian bakery - Prato Bakery in downtown.  The food took forever to arrive, so the by the time it came we were kind of beyond hunger.  I think had it come earlier or had we gone there in person, I would've liked it a lot more.  Their foccacia and bread in general is obviously very good, but it was kind of cold so not that exciting.
Dan got the Siena Sandwich - Prosciutto cotto Rovagnati (ham), tomatoes, mozzarella cheese.  Delicious combo

Pizza Prosciutto di Parma and Pizza Margherita.  I should've gotten a sandwich.  The prosciutto was literally just meat on bread with a teeny bit of sauce
Pizza Margherita - you can tell its not melty but cold

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