Friday, February 17, 2017

Dinner at L'Artusi in NYC

Jordan, Dan and I went to L'Artusi for lunch.  Even though we went early right when it opened, they said it would be awhile for a table, so we decided to sit at the bar so didn't have to wait.  While not quite as comfortable as a table, service was great and we had the same delicious food.  Definitely in my top two Italian restaurants in NYC.
Roasted Beets with whipped ricotta, kohlrabi, orange, and seed crumble.  Good but not as memorable as the other dishes
Hamachi - lemon, grapes, ginger and basil.  We got this last time and it was just a delicious

The Best Spaghetti in NYC - garlic, chilies and parmesan.  Apparently I forgot to take a pic of another pasta dish we had :(

Olive Oil Cake - golden raisin marmellata, vin santo, and creme fraiche mousse.  Sooo good and moist and all the flavors marry perfectly

Brown Sugar croissant bread pudding - apple compote, spiced anglaise, pecan steusal and vanilla gelato.  All the flavors were great but overall this was a bit too sweet for me.  I prefer the olive oil cake

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