Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dinner at Peter Luger's Steakhouse in Brooklyn, NY

For Dan's second birthday dinner I took him to Peter Luger's, which has been a meaty dream for us both.  It was my first time in Brooklyn in quite some time.  Unfortunately because I had to change our reservation so last minute we had a late seating, but nonetheless it was totally worth it because our meal was great.  I still don't know if I could say it's the best steak in NYC because I've had a lot of great steak, and the score would go down because the sides were just ehhh.  But the meat itself was so tender and melt-in-your mouth.  We had no trouble getting through it.  I also find it funny how simple the menu is.  Steak for # of people is the main steak choice haha.  Love it.
Complimentary bread.  The bread in the middle and on right were pretty rock hard.  The left was an onion roll that was soft and edible though not necessarily memorable

Sizzling Bacon, Extra Thick - Do this.  And don't be like me and think you should just get one to share.  Thank god Dan convinced me to get two slices

Porterhouse Steak for 2.  Perfectly cooked medium and piping hot.  There was hot butter on the bottom that we constantly used to sauce our meat

Plate with creamed spinach, steak, and german potatoes.  The creamed spinach was okay.  Honestly didn't eat too much because I wanted to get all the meat.  Some of the potatoes were burned and I thought it would be more like Hill Country's, which it was sadly not.

Key Lime Pie - again, do this.  We thought we were full but this was worth it.  Perfect blend of sweet and tangy

Huge blob of fresh whipped cream, which just completed the pie.

Huge bowl of leftover whipped cream that Dan wished he could take home

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