Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lunch at La Riviera Trattoria in Clifton, NJ

We went out for my mother's birthday at La Riviera Trattoria, which is just a stone's throw from my parents' house.  This place is well known for having a very large menu of gluten-free Italian food, which is hard to come by.  Everything was great and they were super accommodating and knowledgeable about the g-f life.  Also, wonderful dessert.
Complimentary bruschetta - great amount of balsamic/olive oil and fresh tomatoes

Seafood salad (g-f) - calamari, shrimp, octopus, mussel, celery, onion, and tomatoes drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and lemon dressing.  Nice and light with big pieces of fresh seafood.  Love octopus so much!

Salad that came with all the entrees.  Nicely dressed and salted and peppered.

My dad's grouper in a red sauce.  I think it was a special of the day.  Great flavor and hearty meat-like tatse

My mom-s cheese ravioli in red sauce.  Great as well.  The filling was thick but not pasty

Dan's gluten-free veal parmigiana.  Nicely sliced with good balance of sauce to cheese.  Would not have known this was gluten-free

My penne a la vodka.  The pasta was cooked al dente and the sauce had a nice flavor, but I wished there was something else in it, like peas or some meat.  Just one extra thing would have been nice because it was a little tiring eating the same thing

Gluten-free brownie with vanilla ice cream.  Good but not as good as mine

Gluten-free creme brulee.  Great vanilla flavor and nice texture

My cannoli.  Def the best part of my meal.  The filling was everything. 

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