Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lunch at Woorijip in NYC

I finally made my way to Woorijip in Koreatown.  I've always wanted to go because I heart Korean food, but with the exception of Korean fried chicken places (hey Bonchon!), going out to eat Korean is usually somewhat expensive.  But Woorijip has lots of pre-made, inexpensive food, ranging from fried rice to dumplings to their version of sushi to soup.  I picked up an eel bowl because I love eel but usually one roll will run at least $5-6 and will need a second roll or something else.  This bowl was only $5.50 and had a healthy amount of eel meat, plus some egg patty and delicious rice.  Plus a little seaweed.  A great quick and I think pretty healthy meal. So many other things I wanted to try but didn't want to carry leftovers in my bag ha.

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