Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lunch at Crawfish Fest in August, NJ

Chicken and sausage jambalaya.  So good!

Etoufette (L) and fried pork rinds (R).  I had never had etoufette before but I was describe it as a rich seafood stew w/rice.  Nice and creamy and tasted almost like seafood chowder.  Possibly the best tasting and most complex thing we ate.  The fried pork rinds were perfectly puffy yet crunchy and had some nice spice dusting over it.

Fried green tomatoes with a chipotle aioli.  Tasty though hard to mess up fried food

Alligator sausage in front and the fried green tomatoes behind.  Again, something new for me but the sausage was amazing.  Great chargrill flavor and inexplicably meaty.  I can't say it exactly tasted like chicken but just like a really meaty mystery sausage with no weird aftertaste.  The mustard with it was perfect.

My first beignet.  Apparently not as good as Cafe DuMonde in New Orleans but nice and puffy and light.  So rich though.  I had two and was done.
Double date at Crawfish Fest (or also known as Crawfest).  We had some amazing Louisiana-inspired food, from crawfish to alligator sausage to beignets.  All delish and making me super excited to go to NOLA next year :)

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