Sunday, March 3, 2013

Breakfast at the Doughnut Plant in NYC

Finally made it to Doughnut Plant!  We went to the one in Chelsea, and the place was really cute inside, with the walls decorated with various donut-shaped pillows ha.  There were so many choices and didn't even get to try all we wanted, but Dan and I felt rather gluttonous.  I ordered an extra donut for Pooja and somehow we ended up with an additional one as well.  Maybe because a donut that Dan wanted (vanilla bean) was out of stock, so they gave him an extra to compensate ha.  SO MUCH SUGAR.  I thought I was gonna go into shock or something.  I ordered the tres leche cake donut and toasted almond yeast (a special that month).  The tres leche was delicious.  Had all the flavor of tres leche cake plus they injected the middle as well.  The toasted almond was out of this world.  It was gigantic though so I had to stop half way through.  I tried Dan's chocolate frosted and it too was amazing.  Like 100x better than at Dunkin Donuts and I LOVE the chocolate frosted donut at DD.  I didn't try his peanut butter and banana though.  Two flavors I do not enjoy.

(From bottom left clockwise) Tres leche, toasted almond, peanut butter and banana ,tres leche again, chocolate frosted, and another toasted almond

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