Sunday, March 31, 2013

Semi-home-made Quiche and Turkey Bacon

More deliciousness from Trader Joe's.  Heat up broccoli and cheddar quiche and spinach, mushroom, and swiss cheese quiche in the oven.  Also cooked some TJ's peppered turkey bacon.  Both quiche were pretty tasty, albeit incredibly unhealthy.  Dan handled the turkey bacon and it had a nice kick to it.  Kind of more like spam than turkey or bacon ha.  But still tasty.  I was worried about reading some horrid reviews of it.  It's definitely not as good as regular bacon, but better than some really thin and somewhat tasteless other versions of turkey bacon.  The spinach quiche won over both Dan and myself.  Just was much tastier and with a more pronounced veggie taste than the broccoli one.  Dan thought both could've used meat.  I agree with that statement for the broccoli quiche, but the spinach one stood on its own.

Turkey bacon on left.  Broccoli cheddar quiche top right, spinach mushroom and swiss quiche on bottom right.

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