Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dinner at American Cut in NYC

Dan and I went to Marc Forgione's steakhouse restaurant in Tribeca for Restaurant Week.  The place itself was pretty db-central, which was unfortunate.  The wait took awhile even though it was a random weekday on the early side - so long we almost left.  Fortunately we got seated and had a nice meal, though nothing super memorable and nothing worth coming back for except for the complimentary everything biscuits.  It's too bad because while everything was generally well done, the main purpose (steak) was just okay.
Complimentary Everything Biscuits - just like an everything bagel but with the awesome buttery flakiness of a biscuit.  Very filling

We both got the bacon.  Good but already sauced in their MF steaksauce.  A little burned too

Dan got the Bell and Evans Chicken with natural jus.  Good but not as good as the chicken under a brick at Forgione

Sunchoked spinach  with fontina and smoked salt.  Liked that it came in these cute individual all clad pots

Potato puree "robuchon" aka basically mashed potatoes

My hanger steak - bad pic (so dark) but it was very flavorful and super tender.  I was pretty full by this point sadly

Blueberry bread pudding that Dan enjoyed

My crackerjack sundae with popcorn and ice cream.  Cute idea but wayyy too sweet for me

Complimentary gummi bears - more thick than normal gummi texture.  A nice touch though

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