Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dinner at Socarrat in NYC

Dan and I went to Socarrat in Soho for Restaurant Week.  Had a delicious Spanish meal full of some of our fav dishes from Espana.  It ended up not being cheap because we ordered so much but it was definitely worth it. And of course, the only place in NYC to get authentic Madrileno style churros con chocolate.
Croquetas.  Perfectly fried

Assortment of meats and cheeses not on RW menu

Giant pan of squid ink paella for two.  Delicious but at this point I was pretty full.  Fortunately it reheated well

Gambas al ajillo - garlic shrimp. Tasty but I like it when the shrimp has a little bit of a crunch
Sundae funday.  Churros, chocolate and whipped cream

Tasty flan

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