Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dinner at Le District in NYC

Took Dan to Brookfield Place and we ended up eating at Le District, which is a French version of Eataly.  Of course not quite as good as actually being in France, but a very solid meal that wasn't expensive at all.  The service was a little spotty.  We ordered some meat and cheese but the meat didn't come until after the cheese and after the entrees.  We still enjoyed it though and because of the delay, the waiter gave us a round of drinks for free.
New cheese - delice de Bourgogne with cherries and bread.  Amazing combo.  After we bought a small block of the cheese for home

Le District Burger with fries.  Dan enjoyed this a lot.  $16

My steak frites.  Not bad for $22

Delayed Portion Boar Saucis (boar sausage)

Went to the creperie, which was separate from where we ate.  I think this was speculoos and caramel?  The only disappointing part of the meal

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