Sunday, March 13, 2016

Brunch at Ravagh Persian Grill in NYC

We had a book club meeting at Ravagh in the East Village.  The place was empty until we got there so our food came out fairly quickly.  The portion was pretty large and everything was really tasty, well-cooked and well-seasoned.  We shared a lot of things which was great because I love trying as much of a menu as possible.  My leftovers were also delicious the next day
Complimentary bread and sauces.  I enjoyed the green one, which was some kind of light herb blend, mixed with the white one which kind of was like tzaziki but less thick

Hummus - didn't have any but looked good

Stuffed green pepper with rice, ground beef and tomatoes.  Very tasty and reminds me that this is a dish I should think of cooking at home

Kotlet - ground beef and potato patty pan fried.  I think this is the Persian equivalent of an empanada. Very tasty

Barg Kebob - beef tenderloin strips with grilled veggies
Lamb Shish Kebob with rice.  Both meats were well cooked and spiced nicely, and incredibly filling

Tracy got some stew, which I think she really enjoyed too since it was a little chilly out

Baklava - nice end to dinner esp with the honey drizzle

Ice cream with rose water, pistachio and other fragrant aspects.  Very different than any typical ice cream flavor but I really liked it.  Some people did not as there was a very distinct almost spice quality to it, but I ate a good portion of it

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