Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dinner at Miso Ramen in Jersey City, NJ

Dan and I finally got to try Miso Ramen.  We went on an off night and still had to wait but for much less time than originally thought and it was worth it.  It was also BYOB, which is always great to lessen costs.  The noodles are house-made every morning at 6am and it shows.  The broth options were very flavorful and our appetizers were also great though not the stars of the show.  I know there are some other appetizers that weren't available but which they will be having soon (various grilled items) so psyched for that.  Great addition to JC if you have a ramen craving. Definitely the best in town so far.
Shao mai - shrimp dumpling. Good but not outstanding

Marbled pork buns with lettuce and mayo. Pretty tasty and def wish I had more

Wild Pepper Spicy Ramen in shoyu broth - chasu pork, chili pepper spice, sesame salted mustard, peanut, mushroom, scallions, black garlic oil and nitamigo (softt boiled egg). Really tasty broth and nice kick but not overpowering.  The pork seemed ground though not like the pork in mine (below) which was supposed to be the same

Chasu ramen - I think I got this in tonkatsu broth.  Came with chasu pork, which was tender and flavorful and in a hearty portion, sesame, bamboo shoots, mushroom, scallions, black garlic oil and nitamigo.  Excellent bowl

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