Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dinner at Hamilton Pork in Jersey City, NJ

We went to Hamilton Pork for dinner, which is a BBQ joint run by the same people who run the Hamilton Inn, both of which are - duh - right by Hamilton Park in Jersey City.  I made a reservation on Open Table thankfully, which was very necessary as it was super packed by the time we went.  The majority of what we ate was amazing and def warrants a return trip.  I was only a bit disappointed by the beef rib because I thought it would be a legit beef rib not short rib, but we at least didn't pay that much (unlike $20-25 ribs at other places in the area).  The lamb gyro tacos by themselves make me want to return. They were sooo good and unique.  Oh and the nachos.  Okay definitely need to go back soon now that I'm reliving in my head how tasty our meal was.
(L) Cucumber Margarita and (R) Tea Quiero.  The Cucumber Marg was sooo good, def something I want to copy and drink at home because of how refreshing and delicious it was.  Seems simple to make - silver tequila, cucumber, lime and triple sec. Maybe the prob is I usually don't have silver tequila at home, but it's very mild so the rest of the flavors take over and they were wonderful.  The Tea Quiero was Medley Brothers Bourbon, peach schnapps, housemade lemonade and iced tea.  The peach schnapps made the drink a little too sweet for Dan's liking.  I think just the bourbon and lemonade and iced tea would've been perfect

Nachos with brisket, burnt end beans, jalapeno, crema, guacamole and queso. Perfection.  The chips were def homemade and you could taste it in how sturdy and flavorful.  The beans were possibly the best part, though close call with the brisket.  This was also a huge portion and had everything you'd want so I could've just stopped eating the other stuff and only eaten this.  Highly recommend this with brisket (could also do with chicken or shrimp)

Gyro taco - lamb belly, pickled onion and crema.  I also would def recommend this.  Great bbq flavors but also something different with the gyro flavors

Mini beef rib.  I think this was a cut of a short rib.  Because it was so small it was very charred and a little burned.  Good flavor but also fatty so in conjunction with being burned, felt like not the best deal

Side of corn pudding.  More like soft corn bread?  Wouldn't get again. 
Churro Waffle Ice Cream sandwich.  The ice cream was delish but the churro waffle was a bit confusing and not what I expected.  Overall kind of a let down, but since I was so full at this point it was okay

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