Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dinner at Mercato Tomato Pie in Newark, NJ

After a Devils game we went to grab pizza at Mercato Tomato Pie next door to the Rock.  It was pretty empty so didn't have to wait at all to be seated or order.  The chef messed up one of our pizzas (forgot to put on the cheese) so we ended up with two huge "small" pizza and another cheeseless pizza topped with a ton of bacon and clams.  The pizza itself was good but nothing that would make me come back, though the portions were so large I would recommend it for being a great deal.
Margherita Pizza - nice thin crust.  A little more tomato sauce than cheese

The messed up pizza. You can see it's burned because it cooked too fast since there was no cheese.  But we def picked off the clams and bacon while we waited for the correct version

Clams Casino pizza - fresh clams, bacon, grated pecorino cheese, olive oil, fresh garlic, and oregano.  Delicious but the toppings were super filling.  At the end we left with three large pizza boxes

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