Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dinner from Super Sen Hai in Jersey City, NJ

I wanted some quick Chinese take out and got some menus in our apt. from Super Sen Hai.  I think we've ordered from there before but I couldn't remember.  The food was standard take-out fare. It came quickly and was cheap so what more could you ask for.  The dumplings were the only negative - clearly pre-made and frozen.  Sometimes I just hope they'll be nice dim-sum style but alas, was asking too much.
Shrimp Shu mai - not home-made obviously

Green Jade Vegetables - wasn't sure what it would be but was pleasantly surprised.  Broccoli, snow peas, and green beans in brown sauce.  Tasty, large, and made me feel somewhat healthy 

Boneless bbq ribs with shrimp fried rice.  Can't complain

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