Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dinner at Andanada in NYC

Dan and I went to Andanada, a one-Michelin-Star Spanish/tapas restaurant.  We had to wait a little while despite having a reservation but it was worth it.  Def the best Spanish food I've had in NYC and reminded me of the delicious food we had in Spain.  The ambiance was authentically Spanish, very relaxed and no pressure to leave but rather to sit and enjoy the meal.  And I spoke to our waiter in Spanish.  They were going to have a Basque tapas night in the future but we couldn't make it.  Hope they have another one soon we can reminisce on our food in San Sebastian.
Complimentary squash soup with endive and dip.  Surprising combo but delicious.  The endive was also incredibly refreshing because it was ice cold

Group shot of octopus, patatas bravas and croquetas

Croquetas of iberico ham.  Perfect balance of cheesiness and ham.  Fried perfectly without being greasy

Pulpo a la gallega - mosaic of octopus over potato foam and rapini.  Octopus perfectly cooked.  The potato foam was amazing.  Very rich though

Patatas bravas with the best garlic aioli.  Perfection again.  The potatoes were perfectly crisp but not greasy and soft inside

Arroz Negro paella - squid ink pasta with fish and calamari.  We almost didn't get it but I am SO glad we did.  The best paella I've had in America. I only wish we would've gotten more seafood in it but the portion was a nice size.  Not ridiculously large

Presa Iberica - Pastrami-style pan-seared Iberian pork shoulder

accompanied with pearl onions, chickpea puree, and piqullo peppers.  I was pretty full by the time the pork shoulder came out, which I found salty. Dan said this sauce cut the saltiness and made it really delicious but I got too close to food-comaing so I couldn't continue 

Flan! Delicious and with a citrus-y flavor

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