Sunday, March 13, 2016

Lunch at Parm in NYC

Finally made it to Parm! Been wanting to go for so long but never made it.  The one on Mulberry Street seemed out of the way and whenever I eat at Brookfield Place, there's so many other places in the main food court to choose from.  This Parm is separate from the food court but still close and physically connected.  Everything was great and the leftovers reheated well.  The ice cream cake got a little obscene, yet I finished approximately 85% of it.  I felt kind of ill after as I think it should be shared by 4 people rather than 2, but I'm not sorry haha.
Mozzarella sticks - my Achilles heel.  Not sure why it's not actually on the menu but the waitress asked if I wanted them as if she were a mind reader.  Nice breading and very thick piece of mozz but well cooked.  We contained ourselves to eating only 3 to save room because they were filling.  They reheated fine the next day

Thick cheese

The Ruth Ozersky - house roast beef, mozz, and pepperoncini.  Dan really liked this

Chicken Parm Hero - all great flavors.  Pretty sizeable too
Italian fries - didn't really need it but enjoyed it

Smores Ice Cream Cake.  Giant.  You can't even tell how tall it was but maybe like 8-9 inches tall
The aftermath.  For the record this was 85-90% me.  I could've finished that bit but Dan was already impressed and trying to save me from self-destructing I think

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