Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Breakfast at 808 Grindz in Lahaina, Maui, HI

Yelp also told me to go to 808 Grindz for breakfast and I am so glad we went on the earlier side of the trip.  No joke had the best pancakes of our lives.  I may have said that in the past (I think based on Honolulu pancakes) but these were hands down life changing pancakes.  If you go to one place in Maui, I have no question that it should be at 808 Grindz.  The macnut nilla sauce is out of this world.  Many pancake options but I went with maple bacon macnut to have a bit of savory and it was the best decision.  Also discovered how much we love Portuguese sausage.  I'm getting sad now writing this that I don't have pancakes in my face.
Dan got a special of the day - Banana Slammer which was shortstack of banana macnut pancakes, topped of course with macnilla sauce ($1.50 extra.  DO IT. I wish they sold the sauce in bottles)

Dan's banana slammer came with kahlua pork patties and two fried eggs

I got a side of Portuguese sausage.  So much flavor and not too fatty. A great compliment to my pancakes though honestly not even necessary as there were big pieces of bacon in my pancakes

Maple bacon macnut pancakes with macnilla sauce.  HEAVEN.  100 stars.  GO HERE PUH LEASE you will thank me later

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