Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dinner at Porta Pizza in Jersey City, NJ

Our final meal before our trip to Hawaii was dinner at Porta.  Didn't think we'd get great pizza in Maui or excessive cheese (turned out both were true) so it was a great choice.  The food come out scarily quick and was excellent as usual.  While I love Razza, Porta has much more space and I love all of their shrimp pizzas.
(L) Old Blue - Old Forester bourbon, lemon juice, vanilla syrup, and fresh blueberries (R) White Door - Skyy Texas grapefruit, peach liquer, white wine, orange juice, topped with prosecco.  Dan got the Old Blue and enjoyed it a lot.  My White Door was so delicious and tasted like Adult Hi-C.

Single serving of Garlic and Oil pasta.  Simple plate of spaghetti, EVOO, garlic and chile flakes.  Super tasty but a very small portion.  Fortunately with the pizza and other app, we had the perfect amount of food.  Also only $7

Shrimp Boats pizza - san marzano tomatoes, shrimp, garlic, chile flakes and EVOO.  My fav of their warmer weather pizzas.  Hopefully when it gets cold they bring back the shrimp scampi

Arancini with peas, cotto ham and parmigiano reggiano.  Delicious but came out last

The inside.  Nice and soft inside with great crispy exterior.  So flavorful and filling.  I think there were only supposed to be two in an order but we got three, maybe because it came out late :)

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