Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dinner at Brazeiro Churrascaria in North Bergen, NJ

Laura, Dannys, Dan and I went on a delicious double date at one of the best rodizio places I've been to, probably top 3 of my life.  There were about 15 different meats brought around and it costs less than $30 per person, pre-tip.  Includes a meager salad bar, but also some great table sides of maduros, rice, beans, and yuca.  All the starch you need to go with your meat.  The meat was not too salty and so flavorful.   Would def recommend if you are looking for a meaty meaty meal.
Sides of maduros and french fries

Rice and beans and yuca

Some salad bar veggies and the first meat - sausage.  Lots of flavor in a tiny bite

Chicharron!  Best thing we ate and so unique.  I've never seen it before at rodizio.  Again with the sausage

Bacon wrapped turkey and chicken drummette

Some beef. Now I'm starting to forget

Beef with cheese and pork tenderloin

More beef I can't remember.  

Again more delicious beef.  My second fav thing was either the short rib or hanger/flank steak

Spicy sausage and other meats

I think this was the hanger/flank steak which I LOVED

More beef.  Sorry if these are starting to look gross haha

I think short rib?  Delicious is also another name

Just kidding this was the short rib and AMAZING

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