Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Breakfast/Dessert from Home Maid Bakery in Wailuku, Maui, HI

I had of course done my research before coming to Maui and discovered that Home Maid Bakery (NOT Home Maid Cafe, which is unaffiliated) has the best malasadas in Maui.  This proved to be true, as we stopped there no less than 3 times on our 9 day trip.  Unlike Leonard's, they only have plain or custard filled, no other exciting flavors.  But still so good, especially when you get them piping hot fresh.  The custard ones didn't really reheat well the next day, but the plain ones were still excellent the next morning.  If you are in Maui you must stop here!  They also had some other delicious pastries we tried, and some awesome looking savory bento boxes that I didn't try because too many places to eat.
Glazed croissant and our first spam musubi of the trip.  The glazed croissant was like a simple ass cronut.  Just sugar glaze on a croissant.  Spam musubi was also solid 
Custard filled malasada. In heaven

A dozen malasadas.  A bit too much for two people?  Also photo taken after we each had one already haha

Custard pie which I ate the next day.  Good but didn't have coconut so less flavorful.  Go for the malasadas!

Full dozen before we separated the plain ones from the custard filled

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