Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lunch from Foodland in Kihei, Maui, HI

We stopped by the supermarket Foodland in Kihei on the way to our hotel for some poke.  Seriously was a dream seeing so many varieties and so cheap!  Some are frozen fresh and some are fresh but all delicious.  You can eat so cheaply on supermarket food and it is delicious!  Totally unlike food here.
Beautiful display case of poke


Spam musubi, Hawaiian style tako (octopus) and Shoyu Ahi Tuna

Close up of the octopus.  So tender and the whole thing was like $5 for half a pound.  INSANE
Hawaiian style ahi. Ate this the next morning and still f-ing good

Mistakenly got chicken katsu musubi thinking it was deep fried spam.  It was so delicious though I think better than spam would've been.  Also close up of the ahi.  We later on the trip upped our poke game by getting make-your-own white rice and taro chips.  This time we just ate straight with forks

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