Thursday, December 29, 2016

Breakfast from Vogue Cafe in Jersey City, NJ

A new French cafe opened up where Tommy Two Scoops used to be.  They have lots of freshly baked pastries and quiche, among other things.  The things we got were just okay and kind of expensive, especially thinking of their competitor Choco Pain.  The croissants were tasty but veryyy buttery, almost too much so.  I couldn't even eat the quiche lorraine because way too many onions.  Sad to say but probably won't be frequenting them again even though they're so close.
Croissant stuffed with hot dog and cheese

Croissant stuffed with ham and c

Quiche Lorraine 
Eclairs.  The vanilla one had some weird filling.  The chocolate was good but nothing out of this world

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