Sunday, December 18, 2016

Dinner at Ivan Ramen in NYC

Karem and I went to Ivan Ramen because we were both in the mood for ramen but not for waiting on a long line.  Ivan Ramen is one of the few place I know where you can actually make a reservation.  The place is small and they wouldn't seat me until she got there, which was kind of annoying.  But the food was delicious and made up for it.  I would definitely come back again if I'm in the mood for ramen.
Steamed Pork Buns with tobanjan-chili glaze, spicy pickles, scallions

Karem got the Triple Pork Triple Garlic Mazeman (very little broth) - tonkotsu broth, pork belly broth, and whole wheat noodles

Miso Tonkatsu Tsukemen - the miso broth

Soy glazed pork belly, whole wheat noodles, and katsuobushi

My food all mixed up

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