Thursday, December 29, 2016

Lunch at Shanghai Best in Jersey City, NJ

The 'rents and I went to Shanghai Best nearby.  It's attached to the Hot Pot place but they appear to be separate.  Everyone liked the meal more than Taste of North China.  The service was less warm and attentive but so much delicious authentic food.
Veggie Lo Mein

Fish Fillet with tomato sauce.  Delicious.  Kind of tasted like the pork chop I'm used to but with fish.  Nice and meaty fillets

Roast Pork and roast duck mixed plate.  Delicious and meaty. Not too salty

Salted Pork Fried Rice with bits of boy choy in it

Scallion Pancake with beef

Inside shot with beef.  Not sure why so blurry.  Maybe the steam

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