Sunday, December 18, 2016

Dinner at Kapnos in Washington, DC

I met up with Lauren to try a Mediterranean restaurant from Top Chef alum Mike Isabella.  She had been wanting to go there and I love TC, so it was a great choice for us both.  All of the food was excellent, and despite being tapas style, the plates were kind of large so we got a lot of food.  There are definitely many more options than when I lived in DC but this a great choice for this kind of food.
Brussel Sprouts - candied pistachios, butternut squash and berbere spice.  Great flavors and the sprouts had a nice char

Charred Octopus - grilled harissa, grilled eggplant and roasted tomato.  Octopus was perfectly cooked and again, SO many flavors.  Delicious

Marinated Lamb - grains, roasted apple, prune, and toasted walnut which a yogurt sauce.  Possibly my fav dish.  Large portion and lamb was so tender

It was Monday so we also ordered the Moussaka special - kind of a lasagna but with a Mediterranean spin.  So delicious.  The best I've had

Roasted Duck Phyllo Pie - with cress, cherries and pistachio yogurt.

It was tasty but pie skin was a tad burned for me

Greek Diner - apple bread pudding, walnut, golden raisin, and salted caramel ice cream.  This was divine but was pretty full by the time this came out.  Perfect mix of flavors and I didn't mind the raisin shockingly.  I think because the golden ones was milder

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