Sunday, December 18, 2016

Lunch at A Baked Joint in Washington, DC

Of all the meals I had in DC this trip, I think lunch at A Baked Joint (and subsequent pastries) was my favorite.  The place was spacious and had lots of room to eat.  All the food was delicious and freshly baked there.  Even my cookie eaten hours later and biscuit eaten the next day were incredible.  If I lived in DC I'd probably go there weekly and weigh an obscene amount of weight.
Pernil sandwich - roasted pernil, sweet plantains, aji-li-mojili sauce (orange-y) on a bolillo roll that they baked.  The bread ad a perfect crunch to softness ratio and I loved that there were plantains on the sandwich.  Meat was great too and surprising since it's primary a bakery

My Monster Cookie that I ate on the train later and then nearly cried because of how good it was, and the fact that I only bought one

Purchased some biscuits that have meat and cheese baked INTO them.  We ate them the next day with fried egg and it was incredible

Probably would've been mind blowing in person when it was fresh out of the oven

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