Sunday, November 1, 2015

Brunch at Jeepney in NYC

Had a parental reunion brunch at Jeepney in NYC.  Tried a few new things which was nice, including the famous choriburger, which was as good as I thought it be.  We also got to see a full kamayan spread at the table behind us.  Looked amazing though will need to make sure we have enough people to truly enjoy it.
Lumpia shanghai.  Good but mine are better

Ube pancakes with longanisa.  Longanisa was excellent.  I thought the pancakes were a little bit dry

Tapsilog because they ran out of corned beef :(  Excellent sweet salty flavor and a LOT of meat

Choriburger with egg on top.  The patty is a mix of chorizo and beef.  Excellent

My mom's bangsilog.  A little bit small but well cooked

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