Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dinner at Casa Vasca in Newark, NJ

Went on a double date to Casa Vasca in Newark.  The menu is supposed to Basque-style though I don't know if the food reflected that entirely.  The food was good and very home-y but the appetizers were stronger than the entrees.  The octopus was definitely worth coming for though.  Best I've had since being in Spain.
All entrees came with the soup of the day - potato and leek with little bits of ham.  Definitely reminded me of soup my host-mom used to cook in Madrid

Octopus with shrimp in garlic sauce.  Great garlic flavor and both the octopus and shrimp were grilled nicely

Galician octopus - steamed with paprika oil.  The best and presentation wise even looked like what we ate in Spain

Dan got salmon stuffed with crab.  I think he enjoyed it but was also very full by the time we got this

My lechon asado.  This was just ok.  Very bone-y and not a ton of meat.  I was pretty full from the apps though so I wasn't too sad about it

Dan's lobster tails possibly stuffed with something.  

Joanna's lamb chops.  I think it was a little too fatty for her liking

Flan was a little bitter and not sweet enough for my liking

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