Sunday, November 29, 2015

Lunch at Taste of North China in Jersey City, NJ

Dan and I met my parents for some authentic Chinese food.  The ambiance inside was very much like places we used to go to in Chinatown, particularly as all other diners looked Chinese and the owner was a very cute old Chinese man who made lots of jokes with my dad ha.  The food was pretty good albeit expensive.  They didn't have Peking-style pork chops but their salt and pepper pork chops were excellent.  Would def order that again.  Their "American-ized" Chinese food was tasty as well.
Scallion pancakes.  Not too greasy but could've been crispier

Shrimp and broccoli.  Well cooked with lots of shrimp

Excellent mapo tofu.  Definitely spicy 

Shrimp lo mein.  Good though a little greasy

Pork and shrimp soup dumplings.  Excellent but was already a little fun when this came out

Salt and pepper pork chops  By far the best part of the meal.  Had a bit of kick but a perfect amount.  Also a very hearty portion

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