Sunday, November 29, 2015

Brunch at the Peacock in NYC

For Book Club we had brunch at the Peacock, a cute British restaurant owned by the same people who run Raine's Law Room.  Unfortunately it was not a great experience. Clearly something was going on in the kitchen that was throwing off all the servers.  There were a prix-fixe deal where you could get something sweet and savory plus option of unlimited drinks  The waiters kept saying they were out of xyz dish so the options were severely limited.  They also were not good about refilling our "unlimited" drinks.  Other groups had it worse though. So bad that they got some of their food completely free.  We got some a la carte drinks to be unlimited.  The food itself was actually good but the service was so bad I couldn't come back.
Some tart that they said they didn't have but everyone wanted.  I don't even remember how it was honestly. 

Sweet pancakes

My full English breakfast.  Actually very well done but it took so long to come it was hard to enjoy it

Tracy's fish and chips

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