Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dinner from Future Restaurant in Jersey City, NJ

We ordered some cheap Chinese for dinner as we have yet to find out go-to Chinese take-out spot.  Future I think used to be one of those Chinese-Mexican places but seems to have ditched the Mexican part of the menu.  Everything was fine.  Nothing spectacular but nothing bad.  I don't think good enough to warrant necessarily ordering only from them.  We'll have to explore what else is in the 'hood.
Vegetable dumplings - didn't get a shot of the inside but it was very ginger-y.  Dan didn't love that

Boneless spare ribs.  They were okay but didn't seem as charred as they usually are

Vegetable delight - a bunch of mixed veggies in brown sauce, including zucchini, broccoli, string beans, bamboo shoots, tofu, and peapods.  Way to feel healthy ha

But then I also ordered fried chicken wings, which were so not healthy.  They were pretty good though

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