Sunday, November 1, 2015

Lunch from Taste of North China in Jersey City, NJ

Ordered from the lunch special menu at Taste of North China.  Apparently I didn't properly read the menu as I thought I was ordering "shu mai" and instead I got something very different ha.  Lesson learned and I think I was also a little bit schooled that this place is more traditional Chinese than the Americanized take out places we are all used to.  Fortunately my mistake was inexpensive.  Still need to go there and try some of the dim sum and other more authentic food in person.
Dried tofu with celery and pork.  One of my fav things to eat but rarely on most menus

Shanghai shao mai - thought this was shu mai and it was not.  The wrapper was filled with rice and minced pork.  Not at all like the steamed pork and shrimp that I thought it be.  I guess this is an entirely different dish that just sounded similar in name.  My bad.

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