Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Breakfast from Legal Grounds in Jersey City, NJ

Since moving back to JC have found an excellent breakfast spot.  Well, more of a brunch spot since I would never have time during the work week.  Legal Grounds is run by the same people who run Legal Beans, a Filipino bbq joint in another part of JC.  Legal Grounds is focused on coffee along with sandwiches, esp. breakfast.  I love that their bagels are from Wonder Bagel, because WB is still a bit of a walk from us.  Also, the coffee here is 100x better than anything at WB.  The garden patio is also dog friendly, so Walker's been able to sit out there with us.  The only danger now is too many carbs ha

Everything bagel with taylor ham, egg, and cheese

Plain bagel with bacon, egg and cheese

Plain bagel with scallino cream cheese, lox, capers, onions, and tomatoes.  Dan's new fav

Turkey bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll.  Attempt to be healthier hahaha

Close up of the goodness

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