Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Lunch at Sam No. 3 in Denver, CO

Dan and I went to Sam No. 3 for our first meal in Denver!  I didn't think the two hour time change would affect me, but the time we got to the hotel I was starving since it was like 4pm our time.  The food portions were ridiculously large, and sooooo hearty, rich, and so bad for you it was good.  Clearly this is a city for HP.
I asked for an iced coffee.  And got a giant iced coffee flavored milkshake doused in whipped cream hahaha

Fried cheese curds!  The BEST

Some kind of omelet Dan got smothered in green chili, which appears to be a Colorado thing. And tots.  Because of course tots

I got a little carried away with my ordering.  After already having the coffee milkshake and fried cheese curds, I decided on the Smacdown Burrito - chorizo, tater tots (no homefries & no cheddar), mac-n-chz inside and smothered in Kickin Green Chili.  INSANE.  I had so much leftover because the plate was like the size of my upperbody haha

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